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Welcome The Bent Italia Auto SERVICES

We are not that company that charges you a small fortune to walk in the door because you drive an Italian sports car. We pay royalties to a governing body for some reason that we recover from our service to you. What we are, a private company that has been working on Alfa Romeo and Fiat cars for almost two decades because we love the passion that goes into these cars and with that same level deliver it to you without the extra costs.

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Services and Maintenance

We are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, which enables us to electronically diagnose and repair all vehicles later than 1996, which is compliant with OBD2.

Mechanical Repairs

By being in personal contact with the mechanic, our clients have the opportunity to witness the work and discuss any further issues with him, keeping them informed and in control.

Replacement Spares

We use genuine Alfo Romeo spares that are best for your car, we do not cut corners when it comes to delivering quality service on your motor vehicle.

Panel Beating and Spray Painting

We have a fully equipped panel shop with a static and dust free spray booth to fix everything from the fender-bender you got in the parking lot to complete chassis correction.